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  My Love

I’m so happy you stopped by to see my shop and blog.  My name is Cindy Poore and I’m the owner and designer of Vintage to New Patterns.  I was blessed as a child to have a mom who LOVED to be creative.  She taught me to sew, knit, crochet, embroidery and bake at a very young age.  Knitting, crocheting and embroidering were all a part of my kindergarten curriculum!  I was sewing some of my own clothes with my mom’s Singer sewing machine in the 3rd grade.  The love of creating and having such a great education has influenced my life in very positive ways.  I want to share what my mom taught me with you so you too can have positive creative experiences. When I make it possible for someone to try something new and to learn a new skill I feel like I’m keeping what my mom taught me alive.  So in my mind a little piece of her is passed on in the world and that makes me so happy.

I became a grandma in December 2013.  It has given me the opportunity to stretch myself into new areas and to share them with you.  Plus I have the great advantage of having a super cute little model!

I’m always available through email if you have questions and I’m very glad to help you along in your projects.

Happy Sewing – Cindy